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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

AGD Upcoming Formal

This weekend is my sorority formal and I’m so excited to get to let loose before finals week. I plan on wearing a black dress but I’m not sure what shoes I’m wearing or how my hair is going to be. I haven’t had anytime to think about my appearance lately and that’s no bueno! My sis mom, Jobeth, and I are dateless so we’ll be each other’s date. My boyfriend obviously can’t make it because of work and living 17hrs away. I can’t believe we kept this long distance relationship going for almost 3 years. This will be my first dressy formal that I’m attending as a member of AGD so I’m pretty excited to dance the night away. Most sororities have formals and other sisterhood events so the sisters can spend time with each other. Sisterhood/brotherhood is one of the pillars that join all the fraternities and sororities together as a family. Well I’m going to go to sleep. Advice for the next couple of weeks: reward yourself after finals, it will motivate you to study.