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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

Finding yourself

My title is very cliche but hey...it will work. I just want to take a moment to express how college changes you but not in a bad way. I think college helps you to open up and become more comfortable with who you are deep down inside. For me...coming to BW has made me stronger! BW is academically challenging and I learned how to work harder and in the end I learned a lot. BW has taught me how to work within a group and how to speak in front of a big group. I never thought I would be able to speak for 20 mins without notes about someone else's research but I did and got an A for it too. Time management is something you will learn from BW the first day of classes, so planners are very recommended...I use my smart phone. 

Lately I'm starting to realize that I'm growing out of some of my old friends. We don't share the same interests anymore and sometimes I feel like I'm a little more mature than they are...probably because they're a little younger than me and they don't have a child. I just find myself slowly drifting away from them. I love my friends dearly but we are on different pathways and as much as I try to stay in contact it gets tiring being the only one holding on. I really didn't want to believe my parents when they said "the friends you had in high school probably won't be your friends when you're older"...I hate admitting that they're right haha...it burns me a little bit inside!

Anyways my point is it's ok to grow into a different person than you was in high school...change is good. I can't wait to see myself 4 years from now...I hope I'm the woman I always wanted to be.