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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College


Well it’s that time of the year again, registration for classes. I will be registering for fall classes next week and I’m so ready for next week. I met with my advisor today and she helped me figure out my graduation plan for the rest of the semesters I have left. I found out I have plenty of room because I only need 27 credits to graduate. So I wonder if it’s possible to graduate next year? I wanted to ask her but I didn’t want to overload my schedule for next year. Now I need to figure out what classes I want to take for the fall. My advisor also said I have room for a second minor, so that’s another option to look into. I want to minor in something like psychology or public health because I want nursing schools to look at my transcript and see I have classes that relate to the nursing field.

I’ve been so busy focusing on my work and it actually paid off because I’ve received good grades on my last two lab Practicals. I hope I can get my grade up in Zoology and so far that’s what I’ve been doing. I want to get A’s in all my classes and a hopefully a B in Zoology. I have a month and some odd weeks to get my grades up! I can’t wait until summer break!