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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College


Last week was one of the busiest weeks I ever had! In the beginning of that week I had a meeting with my advisor for information on summer internships and research projects. In that meeting she told me about an internship held at Metro Hospital (literally 5 minutes away from my house) and I jumped right into filling out the application. Everything about the program was perfect because there were opportunities to do hospital rounds and view surgeries etc. and it was a paid internship very close to my house. PERFECT!

There was a catch....the application was due friday of that week and I had to give them three letters of recommendation! I actually achieved finding two professors in 30 min to write me letters on such short notice and my supervisor at the volunteering department at Metro wrote me one as well. So long story short I handed in my application in on time, the only thing that was sent late was my transcript because the office send them in late!!!! No bueno! I cant wait until March 18 to know their decision.