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Work it out

It’s truly a challenge to maintain a healthy diet and work out daily when you have to go to class and study all the time. Over the summer, I lost 25lbs because I was so dedicated. All I did over the summer was volunteer and work so I had plenty of time to work out but now I’m struggling. It’s really not hard to fit in workouts however the hard part is the feeling exhausted afterwards when you have two papers to write and an exam to study for. I’m trying to get my belly down at least a little bit more for spring break, which is in two weeks! I’m a smaller woman so I’m not fat nor do I look fat, but I have a little gut that I have been trying to get rid of since my daughter was born. She will be having a birthday in 3 months and by then all my fat has to be gone!

Currently, I’m taking a nutrition class so I’m learning a lot about how to have a healthful diet, portion control, and how the body digests etc. This class is helping me stay aware of the foods that I’m eating and keeping me from eating too many sweets. I think freshman should take a nutrition class in their first semester. Everyone knows about the freshman 15 and instead of having college 101 the incoming students should take nutrition. Maybe the college 101 classes should have a nutrition speaker come in and talk to the students. I’ve taken college 101 and learned a lot about relaxation, so if we implement nutrition they can get a taste of how to maintain a healthy weight during their college years.