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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

Why are you here?

Well I'm finally taking this famous LAS course and contrary to popular belief it's actually an interesting course. One of our first journal entries really made me think about my purpose. Ever since I joined my sorority, all I've been hearing is "Live with a Purpose". Although I do think later in life I will find many other purposes that I have in life, I think I would like to share what my purpose is so far: 

I believe in life everyone has a purpose, and so far I think mines is to motivate young women. When I and everyone at my school found out I was pregnant with my daughter all I heard my classmates whisper was

"Her life is over" ,"She's not going to go to college" or "She's not going to graduate high school".

Listening to those negative thoughts really made me depressed but it also motivated me to pick myself up and that's why I'm at Baldwin Wallace University. I want to show people that just because I'm young mother doesn't mean my life is over. I want to PROVE to MYSELF that those kids in high school were wrong. I understand why society comes up with this perception that teen mothers are low lives because of shows like 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom but that's why I'm here. I'm here to motivate these women and change statistics. I believe it's better to listen to someone who's been through a life changing event and who continued on pursing their dreams. It's not easy at all but already I feel very successful and I want to help other young women feel that success whether they have children or not.