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Who Are You?

So far winter break has been outstanding! Now all I’m waiting for is my final grades, which I’ll receive on Friday the 23rd. My last journal topic (Who are you?) in my COL 101 class really got me into deep thought. After everything I went through in my first semester at BW I came to the conclusion that I am someone who doesn’t give up.  I struggled a lot and there were times where I didn’t think I could hit the bottom any harder, however I pulled myself together and finished strong. Sometimes you should stop yourself every now and then and ask yourself who are you or who do you want to be? You could get so rapped up in your busy schedule and sometimes lose yourself and forget why you're doing what you're doing.

Next semester I want to try to get myself involved more and work out a better study schedule. The great thing about next semester is that I only have to buy one book because I can use the books from last semester for my Spring classes. Second semester here I come!!!