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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

Finals Week...Psshhh!

The hype is that Finals Week is the most horrible week of the entire school year. I beg to differ. Two weeks before finals week is the most horrible week EVER. That is when ALL the projects are due, when ALL the presentations take place, when ALL the papers are due, and when they ALL happen at the same time. See, the week before finals is dedicated to the review and studying so that is relatively harmless. The actual week of finals you don't have classes (AWESOME) so you do have plenty of open hours to really pound those books and study. Finals week I think is relatively peaceful and well organized by the college for the most part. BUT two weeks before finals is when the professors make that last ditch to finish up everything that needs to be turned in before the semester ends. So be aware of that and use your time wisely! Don't procrastinate or else you'll be left with a heap of work like I am currently. Thank goodness it's almost Friday.