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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

The Surrounding Area


Berea is an excellent college town for students. It's small and friendly but still has plenty of things to do off campus. There are several great eateries close by Baldwin Wallace's grounds. Cafe Ahroma is a great place to go for coffee or delicious sandwiches, Sweet Mango is an excellent Thai restaurant with Pad Thai that is the bomb, Cornerstone has its own brewery and yummy food like stuffed pretzels, and Mike's Bar and Grille is a great place to meet up with friends and split some sweet potato fries. BW also is several minutes from a couple malls and shopping centers, in places like Parma or Strongsville. There are also several parades, fairs, and festivals that happen throughout the year around Berea. One of the greatest times I've had at Berea was stumbling upon the Grindstone Festival right by Coe Lake and being able to take a free paddle boat ride around the lake. And of course, Cleveland is about 25 minutes from the campus (with no traffic) and provides a great city life and club scene for the weekend. All in all, BW provides an excellent safe campus environment with the added incentives of close city life.