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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

Haunted Arts House


I live in a campus owned house that is part of the SDLC or Student-Directed Learning Communities.  Basically, it is a house lived in by students as part of their housing tuition, that has some sort of charter and theme.  There have been Film houses, LGBT house, CRU house, and so on.  The SDLC Arts House is the oldest existing SDLC house, with new members admitted by application and interview process each new school year.  Six students live here (3 boys, 3 girls) each with their own room.  We put on art related events for the BW students and surrounding community, such as Jams'n'Java (an open mic night), Diva Night (a campy concert), and the Haunted House, which we just finished.

Every year we do these events and others, and it is something that the campus looks forward to coming to see.  The Haunted House this year was modeled after a story we learned from a family who came to the house claiming they used to live there when it wasn't part of BW, and they told us of a ghost they used to see as kids.  We have never seen anything of the sort here at the house (thank goodness) but we turned the house into a true haunted abandoned home, with white sheets over all the furniture and spectrums in all rooms for the patrons to walk through.  It was a great success and something to look forward to for next year at BW!