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Easter, Hunger Games, & a Job

What do the three of these things have in common? Well, they are three things I have recently had the pleasure of being excited for.

Easter is this coming weekend, Hooray!! Although, I do have to say that growing older, the love of going home has dwindled dramatically. College breeds a wonderful sense of independency and going home surely strangles all sense of it upon walking through the front door. This might not be true for all families, but I know that as soon as I pull up to the farm house of McCurdy land, I will be a baby again. But you know what? I love chocolate and jelly beans and Easter baskets (which I still demand I get) so who cares?

Hunger Games was a phenomenon that hit BW. I always love when a book series becomes a fad, and what better place for a book to spread than a college campus? I read the three of them over a span of three days, not the hardest read, but certainly entertaining in their own way. Then I went and saw the movie with friends. Did I tell you that you can purchase movie tickets for the Regal down the road at the candy counter in the union? Best thing ever. So final conclusion? I always be a Harry Potter boy. But Hunger Games did a much better job than Twilight. But then again so did the ketchup bottle I read this morning. Too harsh? I'll admit, I wanted to be a vampire for a bit after seeing Pattinson twinkle. Very brief though. The greatest thing, however, I think, that has come out of Hunger Games is the renewed interested in Archery. I heard on the radio this morning that there has been a 75% increase! I don't know if that is like a general entire United States number or like a single archery school but that's pretty cool! Coming from the woods of PA, I was an advent archer. Not to actually kill anything but I fancied myself a Legolas after reading Lord of the Rings in elementary school.

And finally, my biggest excitement, I got a job for after school!!! Hooray hurrah huzzah!! And it's something I actual want to do! Starving artist status has been postponed my dear readers. So cry not for me, Baldwin Wallace. I'm gonna be a star!

Here I am reading the Hunger Games in the glorious sunlight and warmth that has recently vanished from Berea.