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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

Spring In My Step

It is warm and sunny in Baldwin Wallace Land!! As soon as the clouds part and the temperature becomes bearable for shorts and flip flops, BW students are outside working off hibernation like chubby squirrels (BW's unofficial state animal). For the last few days we (the student body) have been playing frisbee (BW has a wonderful frisbee golf course set up), laying out (I used sunblock), playing volleyball (two outside quarts with sand on campus), playing football (I actually threw a football), walking (Coe Lake is beautiful), and stopping to smell the flowers (they are everywhere, just don't smell the trees that smell like stifling cloying snot).

The only downside to all this loveliness is that procrastination has swept this school worst than the stomach virus I had a couple weeks back. I skipped a class to lay out in the sun. I did not regret it. Although, I may when I get my final grade. One has to realize that even though spring is indeed here and the birds are calling us to play and frolic with the butterflies (gnats) in the quad, schoolwork is still the numero uno priority. Plus, once you are outside for a while you get hot and sweaty and... hot, and then the air conditioned classrooms feel like pure bliss. Until you get that ten page report assignment. C'est la vie. La vie!

Here is a picture of me and my friend Nick. We are ecstatic that it is spring. Tra la la!