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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

Late Night Lang

Oh, Late Night Lang, both a curse and a blessing. I have already had dinner but yet I know that Lang Dining Hall is still open serving delicious food (thought probably not good for me). I do have to say I find it AWESOME that Lang stays open for students Mon. - Thurs. till midnight. When I get finished with an exhausting night of rehearsal, I can hit up Lang for some food, relaxation, and talk with friends. Sometimes I get a mini tub of ice cream. So what? I worked really hard! But then there are the nights when I'm sitting in my room, putzing around with my homework, bored out of my mind, and I begin to have this inkling in the back of my mind.

"Food would make all of this so much more enjoyable right now..."

Which then evolves into a mad flip-flop between telling myself that I work out every day (practically) and that a little late night food wouldn't hurt me, and if I eat this food I will feel sick and unhealthy come morning and I do not need to eat anything. Most likely, as is the case tonight, I will go get food. Why? Because today was a beautiful sunny day and I'm sure wrapping it up with some ice cream would be the best possible move.