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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College


Now, judging by the title, you may think there was a mixup with blogging. But you're in the right place! As a part of my theatre profession, makeup design is something I have to suffer through. And by suffer, I mean love. It's great fun and also very informational. We've discussed our facial structure in class and our strengths and weaknesses, the way lighting effects things, and also how to maintain healthy skin.

Today we worked on fashion makeup and were instructed to bring in various pieces of research from fashion magazines with different makeup styles and try to recreated the looks on ourselves. How cool is that?! That there is a class like this one, where a person transforms themselves into a model or later on in the semester an elderly person, fantasy persona, and so on. It might not be for everyone... but it's been an awesome experience so far and I am learning a great deal.

Check out the final product!