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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

Walking in Memphis

Reason number 234 that college is great: you find out about so many job opportunities. BW has a great career service center and they are always emailing us with updates on new job offerings or fairs to check out or even just letting you know that career services is there if you want to go plan out your life after school. However, being an actor, there isn't much they can help me with. The acting resume that I submit is different than a normal resume and I have to go audition to find work. BW has made me aware, though, of tons of acting opportunities to find work. I don't think that if I had gone to college that I'd be aware of theatre conferences and cattlecall auditions and so on.

This past weekend I attended UPTA (United Professional Theatre Auditions) in Memphis, Tennessee and because of the theatre department at BW I learned about UPTAs and was able to apply and prepare for the audition. In a nutshell, a person has 90 seconds to sing a cut of a song and perform a monologue. Based on that, they are then called back by various theatres/productions/theme parks and so on. The rest of my day was spent running around to various hotel rooms in the Marriott, where it was held, and meeting with the casting directors for callbacks and hoping that they will hire me. It's exciting to think of this as the next step in my life. I'll be graduating and will hopefully have something lined up for immediately after. BW has definitely opened my eyes to the possibilities for after school.