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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

24 Hour Theatre


I participated in an event over the weekend called the 24 Hour Theatre Project, which is put on by the BW Theatre program. Basically it consists of being locked into the Kleist Theatre for 24 hours so that the students can write, rehearse, and perform ten minute one-acts. The insanity that this project consists of is clearly evident towards the end of the 24 hours when you look into the eyes of those involved. By the end we're all tired but it truly is an interesting and fun experience. There are different jobs assigned to the students. For example, one could be a playwright, or an actor, a director, or a stage manager. The entire thing is put on by the students.

This year I was an actor and was involved in a play about a shoplifter who has a run in with the Devil and a champion boxer priest. Actors are asked to bring one prop piece and one costume piece so that the writers can then incorporate them into their scripts which are written all night and then given to the directors and the actors for the first time at 8 AM. As the writers write, everyone else has the chance to take various workshops, like stage combat, stage makeup, Irish dance, improv, and so on. The 24 hours ends with the final performance, which is always funny and interesting to finally see a crowd's reaction. It's something to definitely check out when it's done next year!