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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

Friends From Over Seas

BW has an awesome study abroad program (I'm told), I personally haven't done it but I've heard wonderful things from friends that have. The experiences and classes are things that last a lifetime (and they have some pretty amazing pictures too). I find the more interesting experience to be meeting the study abroad students that come HERE, to BW. Since beginning my schooling here at BW, it has always been expressed that BW hopes to make its students globally aware and conscious of the world, not just our own personal bubble in Berea, OH.

I've recently met several of the new students from locations such as, Mexico, England, Ireland, Brazil, France, and Mexico to name a couple. They have been extremely friendly and eager to learn about my country just as much as I'm eager to learn more about theirs. I'm so glad BW has so many connections with foreign schools so that I get to meet these amazing students and expand my own view of the world. The photo below is of me, my friend Ciara (to the right), and our wonderful new friend from London (middle), Cherish!