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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

Final Semester for Moi

I'm oddly calm (stressedconstipatedfearfulexcitedworriedjoyful) as I think about starting my last semester tomorrow.  I'm done with my major.  I have one last class for my minor.  I'm getting ready to move away to who knows where.  This will likely be the last time I see many of my peers.  High School Graduation was never an issue because I was excited about the new possibilities of life at college and didn't really have a grasp on how permanent the severing of ties in high school would be.  I've created some beautiful friendships and relationships at BW, both with people and the school itself.  I've achieved so much here and have grown extensively as well.  I honestly don't know what's going to come next.  Specially with my field, where I'll be auditioning and moving to find work constantly.  It's exciting but so terrifying all at the same time.  And I do not know WHAT I'm going to do without Jacket Express.  Not being able to swipe for a meal is definitely going to create a problem with credit cards for me...

Well, here goes nothing.  Writing this has jacked up my blood pressure again and I'm sweating.  I think this picture does justice to what I feel at this point...