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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

Student Spotlights

Lynnea Nikiforakis

student photo
  1. Major

    Public Relations

  2. Minor

    Communication Studies & Management

  3. Hometown

    Swanzey, NH

  4. Biography

    Distinguished Leaders Conference Co-Student Director (2011-2012) WOW Orientation Leader (2011), College 101 Course Assistant (2011), Rho Gamma (2011), Campus Entertainment Productions, Certified Peer Educator, Greek Life, Greek Leadership Institute (2009), Alternative Spring Break (Biloxi, 2009), BW Marching Yellow Jackets (3 years), PR Honors Center, and 2011 Summer intern at The Beck Cafe in Lakewood, OH and Cravings Cafe in Rocky River, OH.

    I also work at the Candy Counter which is one of many great jobs on campus!!!

Questions and answers

Why did you choose to attend Baldwin-Wallace?

The people at BW are so friendly! I love everything about the area and being so close to Cleveland is amazing! BW is such a pleasant campus with a lot going on. There are events going on just about everyday and people are always eager to flash a big smile or to hold the door for you. I could not picture myself going to any other school.

What is your favorite thing about BW?

In the words of the ITT Tech commercials...I like everything about Baldwin Wallace University! No. Seriously. BW is great! My absolute favorite thing about BW is how friendly all of the students, faculty, and staff are! There are also events going on all the time on campus so there is never a dull moment.

What has BW helped you learn about yourself?

BW helped me get right out of my awkward high school thing I had going on. I was a shy band geek and BW helped me to be more open to new things! I found that I am actually an outgoing individual! I had also learned that I really want to wear the Stinger (mascot) costume!! That is the coolest costume ever!!

What advice would you give to prospective students?

Meaningful advice for prospective students: 1) If you're going to dye your hair late at night in your residence hall, do not play loud music. 2) Check your pockets before doing laundry. ***2a) Put your cell phone and battery in uncooked rice if it ends up in the washing machine! It should work. 3) Keep a planner! There is so much going on in college and you do not want to miss anything! 4) Make goals for each class! It will help you stay on track! 5) Get involved right at the beginning! You will meet so many awesome people! 6) Be yourself! Do not hold yourself back! You can do anything if you really want to! 7) Remember to call your family members! They really miss you and are curious about what you're learning! 8) Utilize the services that BW has to offer! Career Services, resume writing clinics,the writing lab, rec center, counseling services, etc. They are there for you! 9) Do NOT over pack for your first semester of college! You accumulate free t-shirts and you will not have anywhere to put them. 10) Be More, Be Greek! Sign up for recruitment!