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Ritter Library/Study Tables

Ahhh!! I hate study time! Study tables, putting in hours of studying for a sport is by far the worst! Well, actually it turned out to be very beneficial. If it wasn’t for study tables I wouldn’t have gotten all my work done as early as I did. I am a fine modern example of procrastination. I can sit in front of a computer with a word document, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube – you know where I’m going with this... You probably do the same thing. Study tables for 4 hours a week really contributed to the success I’ve had this semester. I’ve been more than up to date on my work as well as knowledgeable to class discussion and participation. I’ve seen a slight increase in my grades as well.
To something that seems so stupid and useless is actually pretty beneficial. I’ve felt as that I could get the same amount of studying done in my room rather than at study tables. At study tables, I’m able to focus on my work itself rather than TV or my cellphone, music or Xbox. What is usually a four hour paper turns into a two hour paper. Six hours of studying for a test is equivalent to studying four hours. All BW sports require study tables. The time of study tables sometimes vary based upon GPA, or it’s all the same for the sport. Make the most of your study time! It’s beneficial. Oh, also check out the song on YouTube, teach me how to study. This might help you also. Lol