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Do you have what it takes to be a yellow jacket? I don’t have what it takes…. I don’t have the work ethic to be a good student. I’m definitely not athletic enough to compete in collegiate sports. I can’t participate in class to compete against nerds. Math is a terrible subject for me – every student here seems to love math! My acting skills are by far the worst on the planet. I’m not dedicated enough to participate in a fraternity. I definitely do not have straight A’s what so ever.  Oh yeah, not to mention, I do not have what it takes to write good blogs. Lucky I’m still a blogger to this day. Do you feel that you fit into this category? Maybe you and I can be best of friends!
College and high school are two very different times of development in life. High schools you found students who flock to one another based upon their abilities and looks. Rather, in college I’ve found everyone to be a potential friend. The people whom I hang out with now are all different in thousands of ways. I do have friends who I would call a nerd, or who are the good actors. I’m jealous of my friends who get straight A’s and brag about it to my face! But overall, all friends here at BW have something in common. We are all Yellow Jackets. So be a part of the community! :)