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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

Job Interview

I’ve been within a lot of interviews, even help conduct an interview one time.  From all these interviews, none compare with my most recent, at chipotle.  This interview was just conversational.  Of course the interview included general questions normally asked, what can you bring to the table, good qualities you have, why should we hire you, etc.  But the vibe and the majority of the interview was getting to know each other as friends rather than focusing on the importance of labor.  This method seemed reasonable and rational because it’s possible to tell the morale and even work ethic of a person by the way they present themselves.

My second interview is upcoming shortly, and this “interview” actually a brunch with the staff.  The purpose of this is to just mingle with the workers to see my compatibility and my friendliness.  I think this is a great way to conduct interviews for jobs.  It’s fun and engaging for the interviewee.  I met cool interesting managers as well as getting free chipotle, twice!  This job I would definitely enjoy.