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Of all the stressful times in college, I’ve found that final exams can build the most stress.  Countless studying, hours of reading, making outlines and little sleep all makes it stressful on students.  Or like me, some students aren’t natural test taker.  I find it easier to manage final exams as if they are a regular test.  Freshman year I’ve stressed myself out more about final exams more than I did my sophomore year.  The outcome in the end was that I actually did better on finals my sophomore year than my freshman year.

Don’t allow final or midterm exams control your emotions.  Some people are naturally stressed when this time of the year comes around.  Sometimes you can have a lot going on that doesn’t allow you to study as much as you want to.  Family issues, sports or other college commitments can limit studying time.  It’s not always about how long you study, but about how efficient you study.  I’ve had family issues and sports alter my studying.  I didn’t allow it to manage the outcome of my exams.  You know how important each final exam is compared to your grades and class schedule.  You can have an A in one class and a C in another.  To balance studying, focus more on classes you are struggling in rather than an equal focus on both subjects.  Sometimes talking to a professor about changing the final date helps also.  This relieves stress and can balance to equal studying of exams if needed. 

Usually, finals will stress you out either way.  The hype and the potential that it has to affect the outcome of a final grade.  I’ve found it relaxing to still focus time on leisure activities.  For me this includes playing sports, practicing lacrosse, playing Xbox and hanging out with friends.  Don’t neglect who you are because you feel consumed by finals.  Still balance other activities so you don’t overload yourself, putting more stress on your shoulders.  Kay, thanks :)