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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College


The BW community has a strong foundation that encompasses care and sympathy.  There have been times when I myself have needed a shoulder to lean on and a friend to talk to.  I can say that there was never a time I did not have a friend there to sympathize my emotions.  Not saying that I usually find myself crying or down in the dumps most of the time.  We all have times where we need advice or we need someone to cheer you up.  I’ve even found myself on the other end, giving my friends a helping hand or sacrificing some of my time to hang with a friend who needs a friend by their side.

It is beneficial to have these caring friends.  They’ve become closer friends to me more than others.  The importance of having friends to converse with about your situations builds a better connection and friendship between the two.  I have a few friends where our relationship was primarily built from relating to each others' situations and being able to provide helpful advice.  We all need that one friend to talk to about almost anything.  This can be a student, roommate, advisor or your parents.  Having someone to talk to is an important asset in college; this can relieve stress and provide focus on where it’s needed.  Always be willing to lend advice and be open to sharing your feelings.