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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

I might need some help with this one...

Students all have mixed feelings about attending college coming into their freshman year.  For some this may be an interesting life changing experience.   Others can approach it as a nerve wrecking overwhelming situation.  Either way it happens, these emotions are liable to change once arriving.  Some of these students who were straight A students throughout high school can attend college and experience a drastic drop in their grades; and vise versa for those on the other end of the spectrum.

It is important in college to maintain composure.  College takes a fair share of confidence, concentration and management.  These three components are vital in being successful.  At times, I can feel confident about my work, and I lacked concentration or time management.  From experience, this results in a lack of performance in the classroom.  Balancing these three traits isn’t that hard, but it comes in affect with the way a student feels.  If you feel overwhelmed about college, try some tactics that you think will be effective in helping you be successful.  On the other hand, those who are well prepared, this would be important because you already possess the traits needed even before arriving to college.

This doesn’t only apply for incoming freshman, but every semester in attending college.  When I return from summer or winter break, I come in with a specific mindset that will rally me through the semester.  Half way into the semester, my mindset can be knocked off track due to some variable – this is where the confidence, concentration and management come into effect.  Be sure to concentrate on the goals you have, manage your time and work successfully, have confidence in all that you do and this can lead to enjoying a healthy college lifestyle.