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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

Holy Wars

St. Eds vs. St. Ignatius – the Holy Wars.  This was probably one of the most electrifying high school football games I’ve attended.  I was skeptical to attend this game because it was beyond freezing and the rain didn’t help.  But the atmosphere was lively and the players lived up to the hype.  The first play from the line of scrimmage was a touchdown, a Michigan prospect, # 17 for St. Eds, 80 yard touchdown run.  The crowd went ballistic.  If the home fans weren’t cheering on one play, then the away team had the edge.  The back and forth frenzy made the game more exciting than any average.  The game made me reminisce to my high school days, missing the days of exciting hundreds of fans because of something that you did.  Catching an interception to ignite the crowd or hearing the fans gasp in awe after bursting through a hole as you run towards the end zone.  These thoughts ran through my mind.  I was brought back to the teenage days.  The days when I was in search for a college – when I wanted nothing more than a football in my hand and glamour all around.  Those days are over.  Just as quick as the game ended.  Nothing is left from that game but stats and memories.  Nothing is left from my high school days but stats and memories.