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Fall Break, Mid-term,

Fall break was not really a fall break for me.  Rather, more of the opposite.  Did not receive a break at all.  If anything, this was the busiest I have ever been all semester.  We were given a Friday off of classes.  Which seems like a big deal, but putting this into perspective, we should have received at least three more days off in comparison to spring break.. Oh well..

Why was my fall break so busy?  Well first and foremost – midterms.  I had two of those things.  One was on Thursday, which isn’t a big deal since that’s the day our break started.  But I was not to thrilled to study for a midterm right before a break.  It’s like that senioritis ordeal.  Then, I had an online midterm that was due to following day/first day of break, Friday.  My day off was more like a day on.  I studied as much as possible, then took the midterm for the hour and a half timeslot that was given to us.  This time slot for me was 10:30 p.m. thru 12 midnight. Just how I love to spend my nights, ruthless studying and school related activities.

I can never seem to escape lacrosse.  Every time I seem to catch up with some energy, it’s being drained right from me in practice.  My energy level was already depleted from the excess studying for midterms.  To wrap all this up, I had a job training lasting from Wednesday – Sunday.  This consumed five hours each day of vigorous work and nonstop standing.  When I was challenged with the liberty of downtime, it was nothing but sleep; except Saturday night when attended the Holy Wars (St. Ignatius vs. St Edwards) in the blistering cold.  Well, I guess there is no real notion to this blog.  Rather than hearing me rant about how fall break should be extended and how miserable I felt.  Thanks for listening!