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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

Virtual Tour

I was one of the fortunate students able to represent the college as a student sharing their experience via the BW virtual tour.  First, I enjoyed meeting the staff that I worked with.  Even through the multiple interviews and emails exchanged for the application of the virtual tour, there was a sure sense that I was a highly prospected student of their interest.  And they did everything in their will to make sure you were comfortable and prepared.  The warm welcoming smiles and flowing conversation made me at ease and just as welcoming myself.

With an exception to my speech impediment, this was an awesome experience.  Along with my other engagements, this made me feel like an icon to the campus.  Numerous times have I had been notified as a prospective student and asked to represent the college by giving my personal experiences and beliefs.  Primarily by making myself vulnerable to different campus activities and engaging myself the activities, as well as making myself known to professors and staff in the latter generated a good reputation for myself across campus – others then are willing to promote this and provide you as a good source for events and organizations.  Build connections with your professors, advisors and staff to benefit yourself!!