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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

Pump it up!

I never, (and I repeat, never) check the Baldwin Wallace List Moderator.  Usually I’ll take a quick glimpse at it, the delete it from my email.  I never see things that are for my interest.  But I guess I never really took the time to read it.

Well, a few weeks ago, I actually decided to take a look to see what the list moderator was all about.  Auditions for some play, something about Oktoberfest, joining so organization, all this was irrelevant to me.  Oh! PumpitupParty.  I came across this job franchise that is starting up over in Middleburg heights, and they’re looking for a complete staff.  Perfect opportunity for me! I knew it.

I completed the application, updated my resume, put on my only clean pair of jeans and scurried on over to the open interview.  I was confident that this was for me.  With the ear to ear smile on my face, I represented myself well, and now being requested as a potential supervisor in addition to my overflowing resume.  I was blessed with this opportunity, and it’s working for the best.

Take the time and check out the Baldwin Wallace List Moderators.  Everything specifically may not pertain to you, but I’m sure that there is a function on there that is eye capturing to you!