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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College


I have a strong taste to music.  When I’m writing a paper or making notecards, some school related things of the sort – I just feel the need to have to listen to music.  But I hate having to dictate the music song by song just to hear something that corresponds with my mood.  My interest in music has expanded listening to Pandora while studying.  Being able to search and listen to any genre of music by any artist is pretty cool.  I can’t recall how many artist I’ve become acquainted with by hearing them for the first time thanks to Pandora.  Barry Manilow, Flatbush Zombies, Martin Solveig.  Just looking at my list of artist from Pandora gives me a sense.  Pretty much everyone now a day have a Pandora account. Upgrade to the new Pandora account.  It is well worth it the experience and I count on Pandora to help me study, prepare for games, and even cleaning my room.  Pandora is legit!