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Freshman Fifteen

There seems to be a lot of concerns for everyone entering college.  “Am I going to do well in my classes?", "Will I like my roommate?", "Think I will become homesick?”  But one question that seems to hit the surface area then disappears is that common freshman fifteen.  From firsthand experience, I have seen students who have gained weight not only their freshman year, but also throughout other years of college.  On the contrary, there are also students who lose weight rather than the gain. 

From my perspective, the freshman fifteen is overrated.  As long as you are sure to watch what you eat and how often, you can have less of a concern of this.  Speaking from self-experience, students in college do tend to get lazy once it is time to exercise but may be quick to eat another meal.  College may be very tiring at times with managing classes, homework, sports, work, organizations, leisure’s or other activities one participates in; where some of these promotes exercise, that is beneficial when it comes to time management and exercise.  Sleep is important also because after eating a meal, you may be tired or drowsy.  Falling asleep shortly after meals doesn’t give the body an adequate digesting period.

Some ways to easily avoid the freshman fifteen is to be cautious about what you are eating.  Be a label reader and understand what you are eating.  Eat the appropriate number of meals a day, and be sure to not over eat.  Exercise routinely and efficiently, and also is sure to sleep in moderation when it comes to eating meals.  Hopefully this can be a help to you all!