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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College


The transition from High School to college is very nerve-wrecking.  Some people think about this from the relational aspect of making friends.  I’ve never had a problem with making friends.  I am very friendly, outgoing and talkative to where I am comfortable with conversing with a majority of people around campus.  Some students come to campus without friends and others attend college with a little or some of their High School peers.  Others make friends initially in college via sports or organizations.  For some, there seem to be no major source to friendship unless through class and extra conversing.  Either way, I have never experienced a problem with friendship.  I’ve encounter a variety of people here at BW, and a majority of them are positive, polite and just as interesting as myself.

College actually seems to be an easier place to make friends, because most seem to shy away from the jocks, cool kids and popular groups, but instead you find your true friendship in college.  It comes to shock of others for them to realize who I really hang out with, just because they realize what differences and similarities that I share with my friends.  However, no one actually comes to see what other friendships consist of unless it’s your own.  I would like to say that my friendship with my closest friends is highly different than a normal based friendship.  But these extra/other qualities that my friends and I bring to the table is actually what draws me to my friends, and allows me to feel like myself and allow them to be themselves also.

College is such experimental period where you are faced with many problems.  It’s nothing like the feeling of having close friends who are always willing to be there and help you through your situations that you are accosting.  Social life at Baldwin Wallace or any college in general is very important.  Friendship is also a scapegoat from class work and other stress.  I love spending time with my friends, and wouldn’t adjust my friendships for none other!