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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

Game day / Lacrosse

The most exciting days for me are days of our games.  The vibe carried around campus by us players is a mindset that only teammates connect with.  Together we watch film, practice and prep for the day of our game.  We strive and work hard each day only to fulfill our dedication and our motto.  We dedicate ourselves not only to the sport that we love, but to the school – as a commitment to represent them on the field as athletes.  So far we’ve played four games, and our record stands as 3-1.  As a first year program, we are excelling at a high rate compared to other programs that are first year.

All sports enjoy the thrill that is given to them on the day of their competition. I find myself more focus and narrow-minded only on the goal and achievement at hand.  Game day clears my mental, only thinking about what my responsibility and goal is on the field.  Not only for lacrosse players, for track and field, players are focused on what their responsibility is.  This goes for all sports.  As the season continues, I find our team to gain more confidence as success builds.  We believe in one another and all know that as a team we can fulfill the dream.  The game days are the ones that we live for!