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College Relationship

Maybe everyone wouldn’t agree with this blog, but from a personal experience, here lies true feelings though there are many more things that I wish I could say in the blog, but can’t (gotta keep it PG-13).  On a general level, relations come and go; for some, they are sacred; others view them as temporary or don’t feel for them at all; others may luckily find the love of their life on their first attempt; others may seem to have never find/found it.  Whichever category of these that you may fall under, one thing that you shouldn’t do is rush a relation.  Especially in college!  You can say that I rushed this.  Within my first week of college, I found a special lady friend.  Within a month we began dating.  Within a year, I can say that I found love.  What can seem so wrong about this?

Well with this relationship, we seemed to limit ourselves and I guess you can say held the highest standards for each other possible.  This managed to last perfectly for about 5 months.  But after spending every waking moment together, the relationship began to chip somehow; arguments here and there.  Even throughout this, we’ve still managed.  Over the summer is where many problems arose, and the relationship deteriorated.  Coming back for the next year, the relationship was completely different.  We weren’t on the same page and things seem to get worse.  With this, I felt a decline in my social life, my academic life and in general made me lethargic.  After a year and three months of the relationship, it came to an end because of multiple variables that came into play.

Maybe this isn’t the best work for a blog, and is ALWAYS a biased subject to talk about, at least this is a perspective that you can look at it from.  I am not saying that one can’t search for what he/she wants in college.  I am all for relationships and finding love.  It’s a beautiful sight.  But instead, what I am trying to say is be sure that you know what you want.  Be true to yourself and your significant other.  Don’t waste your time, or someone else’s.  College, at times, is an emotional rollercoaster for everyone.  Try to avoid the romance rollercoaster, if possible.