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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

March Madness

I’ve never been so distracted from my school work.  Sometimes I am way more concerned about my bracket and watching college basketball rather than my work.  March Madness and bracketology is a big hit no matter where you are.  I feel more exposed to it since all of my friends wants to wager on the games.  I place a lot of time on watching college basketball and watching ESPN to see what my best options in order to win are.  Rather than spending that time studying, I find myself awoke until two in the morning doing work that could have been completed hours ago.

Seriously, I’m thinking about making bracketology my major.  I would love to sit in class only to learn about basketball and watch games, check out players’ stats and information.  I’m an avid basketball player myself; so all of this sparks my inner most interest!  I’m sure some people would agree with me.  March madness is awesome! So far so good on my bracket.  Good luck with yours!