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President Helmer

I was one of the chosen students who received the opportunity to have a luncheon with the final four presidential candidates this 2012 spring semester.  The third candidate happened to be Robert Helmer.  Upon entering the room with him, it was easy to tell that he would be the one to stand out from the other candidates.  The brightness and humor he and his wife exposed to us circulated throughout the room.  Once we’ve all introduce ourselves to each other, we then got the opportunity to learn a little more about Helmer himself.  Helmer told us about his two daughters, and how they’ve expressed extreme interest in their previous college, and how they were such a major part of the campus.  That alone made a connection with me, because this is a similar case to my high school, where my principal would do the same.

President Helmer expressed high interest in learning about what it is that we students need and want, in order to feel more comfortable.  The college that we attend should feel like a home, Helmer implied to us.  So we all included ideas together such as putting kitchens in all dorms, making different architecture around campus, and more communal events that’ll bring everyone together.  More importantly, Helmer focused on “family” and “community” a lot.  No matter how big a college is, we all should feel a part of something.  Also, we all should be intertwined with each other, somehow.  Bring our college students, faculty and staff closer together via events will make us a better family.  Helmer seems to fit in well with what us BW students are wanting to look for in the quality of a president.  As we all know, Dick Durst was a remarkable president.  With the approach that we are hoping to have from Robert Helmer, I feel that we are still in great hands.