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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

Cell Phones

Some people are addicts to their cell phone; can’t go one class without looking at a text message, checking Facebook or Twitter.  To some professors this is okay.  A majority of them haven’t made a big deal.  I’m the type of student that uses my cell phone in a class if I’m bored or lacking interest in the topic at hand.  For the most part, I keep my cell phone in my bag to refrain from using it in classes, unless I am aware of a boring class. Usually when I see students on cell phones it’s usually hidden.  There are few who neglects concealing their cell phone. 

There are professors that do not allow phones in class.  Actually, the first day of class, I was called out by the prof for putting my phone on vibrate, two minutes before class even started. Really…  She threatened that if there are any cell phones utilized in class, she would confiscate and return at the end of class.  Which I guess is a legal regulation here.  Some professors take of participation points if cell phones are used in class.  There are more professors that don’t say much about the use of cell phones, unless they are used excessively.  Usually professors would inform students about cell phone usage when reading the syllabus.  I guess the cellular devices are a big deal in today’s society.  Just be smart when you use them.  In class is not the time to do so.