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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

Career Services

As the summer draws near, I once again find myself on the search for another internship.  It’s typically a rough time probing through countless websites and trying to contact employers to track down a descent intern.  Career services was been nothing but a helping hand when utilizing their amenities.  My visit for career services was only to find potential ideas that could aid me in narrowing my interest for an intern, however, I was informed of multiple different sites that helps search for internships of all different calibers.  From this, I reached out to multiple employers and been in contact with a few on the regular about summer internships.

Whether being a freshman or a senior – it is never too soon or too late to have an intern.  A great start is career services.  They will help in every way that will surely benefit students’ needs and desires.  Career services helped me find an internship my freshman year at an assisted living nursing home; and now guiding me to finding a more specific future occupational internship that is potentially my future career.  Don’t miss on opportunities that are given freely to you.  Schedule an appointment and see what opportunities are at your grasp!