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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College


There is nothing that troubles me more than the interruptions from completing my work.  As a student, I have a well driven motive that I strive for each day.  However, I get easily distracted by a fly in my peripheral.  In my eyes, doing almost anything is more exciting than doing class work.  Lacrosse, basketball, Xbox, chilling with friends, social networking, watching sports, sleeping, just the thought of procrastinating – all sounds more appealing than studying.  These are the problems I am faced with every day.  Occasionally I allow my distractions to get the best of me.  A little too much Call of Duty one night affects the productivity of my paper due in a class later that week.

An important aspect of college is being aware of the college work and curriculum for EACH class.  Speaking from experience, lack of awareness for due dates of assignments can leave a scrambling mess to finish work – which can be in multiple classes in a single day.  A new method that I have is taping all my syllabi to my wall above my bed.  This made it a thousand times easier to see if any assignment is due, and what the prospective date is.  This also aids because I don’t have to wait on the professor to give an assignment or reading.  For the professors who includes readings and other course related material in the syllabus, I can sometimes get a jump start on those rather than waiting for the assignment, or procrastinating last minute.  You may find this method beneficial.  But however you chose to do it, limit your distractions and stay focused on the ultimate goal.