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Writing these blogs

Consciously, sometimes I really don’t feel like writing these blogs.  Do any of you really sit and read everything that I have to say? Are you really taking this as advice? Seems like I’m just doing this for my own benefit.  Oh well, I don’t mind getting paid to speak my mind about how I really feel.  Sometimes I get a little lazy and don’t feel like writing 2 paragraphs.  I mean, I can just put it off until tomorrow.. Maybe the next day...  Its Friday already… Man, it’s too late to turn my blog in.

Honestly, I enjoy writing blogs for the school.  If it brings interest to you and helps you gain insight upon our college then I’m glad that I can provide my assistance.  I procrastinate blog writing because of a busy schedule.  When I take time to sit and write, I find interest and honest opinions of BW – realizing how much I like it here.  Blogging isn’t for everyone…Takes skill and consistency.  Especially when you’re hassled to blog weekly.  But that shouldn’t stop you.  I encourage you all to try blogging.  It can be as refreshing to you as it is to me.