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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

New Semester

I look forward to new semesters at BW.  Usually for breaks I’m home working, cleaning, doing the usual life… I guess.  I mean, I do hang out with friends, have fun and do those other things.  But for the most part I find myself pleasuring more of my obligations rather than leisure activities.  For a matter of time, I really don’t mind it, but as time passes I look forward to just getting back to BW to study, hang with friends, do my own thing.

I have the motivation to do better every semester.  This was a goal I’ve made before attending college.  My GPA has improved with the exception of one semester, and I’ve starting becoming more involved in the BW and the Berea community as time passes.  BW has sprang me to high achievements that are credible to the college and the city.  I am suppliant to return just to see what new opportunities that is possible to me.