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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

Alumni Spotlights

Jillian Nichols

student photo
  1. Class Year


  2. Degree

    Bachelor of Science

  3. Major

    Computer Science & Marketing

  4. Hometown

    Austinburg, OH

  5. Biography

    At Baldwin Wallace, it took me a little while to really get involved in campus activities, but once I started, it felt like I couldn't stop! The first organization that I joined was MidNight Madness, which proved to be an invaluable experience. It allowed me to work toward a positive cause on campus, while making long lasting friendships with other students that I really admired. From there, I also participated in Weekend of Welcome Orientation, BACCHUS, and the Distinguished Leaders Conference Committee, among other activities. MidNight Madness also introduced me to people that were a part of Greek Life, which eventually led me to joining Alpha Gamma Delta.

    One of the most significant outcomes to joining Alpha Gamma Delta is that it, by chance, helped me realize what I wanted to do for a living. I had majored in Computer Science and Marketing at BW but I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with that combination. AGD had a website that needed an overhaul, and so I offered to make them a new one since I had some relevant experience. I ended up finding myself in love with the project!

    Still looking to explore my options, I took a web development internship with Great Lakes Publishing, concurrently with a Marketing internship with Expedient, both located in the Cleveland area. Both internships were great experiences, but only confirmed that website design/development was what I was most passionate about.

    Today, I live in New York City and am working for Buddy Media, a company that provides Facebook solutions for some of the world's largest brands. As a front-end engineer, I help develop our clients' Facebook pages, and also provide development and maintenance work on Buddy Media's corporate website. I feel very fortunate to work at such a amazing company doing something that I love!

Questions and answers

What is your favorite thing about BW?

The primary reason that I ended up choosing to attend BW remains the very characteristic that I liked about it most in the end: the people. I was very shy in high school and I felt like Baldwin Wallace had a such a great community of people that provided encouragement for me to blossom into a confident adult. To this day I am amazed by how many outstanding and truly wonderful people I met while I was there, and I've been fortunate enough to keep some of them as life-long friends.

What advice would you give to prospective students?

Explore a variety of courses to find out what interests you - you might be surprised. Don't be afraid to talk to the professors, they are some of the most interesting and knowledgeable people you'll ever meet. Get involved in campus activities right away, and make friends wherever you can. Lastly, the breakfast sandwiches at the Union are delicious, and highly recommended.

How did BW help you prepare for life after college?

I think that the courses and activities that I participated in at BW provided me with confidence and a skill-set that have helped me greatly in life after college. Organizations like MNM and Alpha Gamma Delta taught me skills in project management and working with a budget. The professors at Baldwin Wallace, especially those in the Computer Science department, took a great interest in my progress both during and after college, and provided encouragement and opportunities all along the way -- something I will always be grateful for!

What would you have changed about your undergraduate experience?

I wish I would have gotten involved in activities sooner! I felt that even though I was involved in a variety of activities, I cut myself short by not allowing myself enough time to work toward stronger leadership positions within those organizations.