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There Really Are No Words


 On Friday December 14th, the morning after my last final exam, I initially woke feeling relieved that the most stressful time of my first college semester had come to a close and all I had to do was pack to go home later in the day. I went about my business with a shower, and some packing, saying goodbye to a couple friends, then went to the union for one last college meal. I walked in to find my good friend sobbing at a table while watching the big screen TV. My roommate and I do not have a TV. I asked her what was wrong and she pointed at the screen. The headline read: Breaking News/Shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut.  My jaw instantly dropped in disbelief that some distorted human could actually kill beautiful, innocent elementary age children.  All I could think about was what if that had happened at my little cousin’s school or in my hometown. We watched the coverage with tears in our eyes until she had to get on her flight to go home to Aurora, Colorado, ironically enough the same town where the shooting at the midnight Dark Knight premiere occurred earlier this year. So what began as a joyous day turned into a tragedy that will go down in American history, being the only elementary school shooting recorded to date.  It makes me so thankful for my family and the beautiful children in my life, but also my heart bleeds for the victims, their families, and everyone affected by this horrific event. I plan to send a donation to the Sandy Hook School Fund to help those poor souls especially during what should be a happy Christmas season, and I encourage everyone to reach out in any way possible.
Please view these original songs written and performed by my very talented classmates at the Baldwin Wallace Conservatory Of Music as a tribute to the victims of the tragedy in Newtown Connecticut . 
Page Macaleese’s video song: http://youtu.be/i798TngeONA
Dana Bowers’ video song:  http://youtu.be/vQPCbel9rS0