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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

Learning to Breathe

As we round the corner to finals week, everyone is feeling the strain of balancing classes, studying, and a modest social life (simply to stay sane). Finals week is a right of passage into the collegiate world, and this being my first ever, its all a little daunting. As I prepare for Harmony, Solfege, Eurythmics, Keyboard, Ballet, Tap, and English finals, my brain constantly goes on overload, making it nearly impossible to accomplish anything.

Freshman year is all about learning and growing of course but it would be a shame to learn by completely failing. This is why I needed to seek the advice of someone who had already figured it all out. I spoke with a senior music major also in the con who had learned to deflect the stress of finals and constant failures by simply getting in tune with himself and his strengths. He told me to remember the things I can control and am good like dancing or playing piano tunes that are second nature at so that when things get crazy I can always go back and practice those strengths. Also he strongly recommended yoga and mediation, which literally only takes a few minutes to do and helps you re-center completely. Deep breathing and meditating is one of the best forms of therapy. Easier said than done for people like me who have ADD to the max, but the gems of wisdom I received will definitely be utilized to get me through these two weeks before the most wonderful time of the year.