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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College


Baldwin Wallace Department of Theatre and Dance along with the BW Music Theatre Department just finished up with their run of Carousel.  I was so lucky to have been a part of the magic that was Carousel.  We performed twelve sold out performances over a period of two weeks after two months of rehearsal and in the end it all went beautifully. The only glitch for me was on the morning of the final performance, a matinee.  I woke up with the worst migraine I have ever had! The blinding pain left me weak and sick to my stomach and I truly didn't think there was going to be any way I would be able to perform.  I made my way to the theatre with nothing in my stomach and feeling like I was in a cloud. One of my wonderful cast mates contacted her roommate to bring me coffee and crackers before the show so I could recover in time.  Such an act of kindness gave me the boost I needed to pull through one last performance, and that I did. 

The next day, I was scheduled to audition for the spring musicals, Carrie, and Murder Ballad, both regional premieres directed by Vicky Bussert. This was the first BW audition I really felt like I could knock out of the park, and of course woke up with laryngitis. Yay! The migraine was the start of a nasty respiratory virus. I tried all the holistic quick fix remedies, but it wasn't enough to restore my voice before I had to sing. I had a mediocre goal audition, but acted my songs full out which apparently was enough to get me a callback for one of the lead roles in Carrie. Callbacks were the night of Tuesday the 26th which began with a dance call in the style of Carrie. It was a hardcore fast paced hip-hop number that left most of us with whip lash and sore muscles. After the dance call I waited and then went in with the other girls called for the same part to each sing the character's song. I sounded like a singing frog, so needless to say, not my best audition, but i still controlled the variables I could. The cast list was posted around 11pm and I did not get the part I wanted, but however I was cast in the 12 person ensemble for Carrie the Musical! Carrie is a collaboration with The Beck Center For The Arts, and will be performed in one of their theaters beginning in February.  It would be wonderful to have a break to be a normal human and focus more on school, but I'm here for music theatre and what better way to hone my craft than being immersed in the field with Vicky?  I'm very thankful to have been cast and cannot wait to begin rehearsals, in January, (although this casting means I will have to cut my Christmas break short by a week), for what will hopeful be a "bloody good" show.