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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

The Journey to Baldwin Wallace

Three weeks before the start of my Senior year of high school at 6:00pm, Sunday, July 31, 2011 I arrived at the Baldwin Wallace Conservatory of Music, to sign in to the Music Theatre Overtures. Overtures is a program in which 15 handpicked,  hopeful, high school juniors from all over the country get an opportunity to spend a week training with the Music Theatre staff, including, Victoria Bussert, Scott Plate, and Gregory Daniels.  The audition process for this program is extremely competitive and I felt so blessed to be accepted.


I greatly enjoyed the week I spent on campus and felt so at home at BW from the first day.  I learned a ton by the end of the week I knew that Baldwin Wallace would be one of the Music Theatre programs which I would apply to and audition for. So, when the fateful MT auditions rolled around in November, I took the first opportunity to get to BW and auditioned on the first day. Out of the seven college auditions I went to all over the US, the one at BW was by far the most enjoyable and welcoming. The students at BW just have an incomparable warmth about them and want more than anything  to sell their amazing school in the most positive way.

It came down to decision time, and I had it down to BW and one other college, and with my balanced Libra mindset, I could not make a commitment. What made my final decision for me was seeing Vicky Bussert’s  premiere of “Lizzie Borden: the Rock Musical” at the 14th Street Theatre. I had never seen MT girls rock out so hard and be so flawless. The experience was like being at a rock concert, and I knew at that instant I had to be in the same program as the rock stars like Ciara Rene and Shannon O’Boyle. So here I am, one of the luckiest of 16 college freshman to be a member of BWMT16! I couldn’t be as happy anywhere else.