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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College


On August 28th, a mere couple of days into my freshman year of college as a Music Theatre Major at Baldwin Wallace Conservatory, I had my first big audition for the Fall Musical “Follies.” I had no idea what to expect from the audition and was sweating bullets as I wanted to impress Scott and Vicky. I ran to my audition in a flustered hurry and had to go right in to sing. I was generally satisfied with how my cuts went but I knew I could have been so much more put together. After two audition days, the callback list went up and I was fortunate enough to be called back. Un-fortunately, the callback was a tap call, the only form of dance I have no experience in. I faked my way through the combo, and gave my best showgirl walk, but it wasn’t good enough. I was devastated to find out I was not cast in the show about showgirls (aka perfect for me).  My uncast friends and I moped for awhile, but then decided we should still be involved with the show somehow. So, I signed up with the amazing Charlotte Yetman to do wardrobe crew for “Follies.” The experience was not the most fun as I had to dress my friends in lavish sequin dresses that I obviously wanted to wear.  However, it was one of the most humbling experiences I’ve had, and it made me realize there are so many talented people in this business who can and will beat me out for parts. I learned that I need to be much more prepared for my next audition and want it even more. The fire in me burns so much brighter after my mini defeat, and I am ready for the next obstacle. And even better, I have my tech credit out of the way!