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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College


Phew!  What a week!  The past seven days have been a whirlwind.  Last Saturday was the start of tech week for Carousel. That day was our 10 out of 12 day, which consisted of running the show moment to moment so the lighting crew could plan and execute their light design for twelve hours. It was a long, tedious process but also could have been a lot worse.  We were all allowed to bring homework, computers, and food and just chill when we weren't needed. Everyone was very cooperative, and tech was fairly painless and efficient.  Then we had four more days of tech which were basically full runs of the show, so that each cast had a couple more opportunities to get completely through the show smoothly.


Carousel opened on Thursday November 14th, 2013. In our opening weekend, we put on five sold out performances for some wonderfully receptive audiences. This show, a classic Rodger's and Hammerstein piece, had the older crowd members pleasantly immersed in a rendition of the production not done before, considering it is un-amplified, in the "round" and features only dual pianos. The show was extremely well received by our audiences, and our directors are very proud of the work that has been done by the incredible cast. I was nervous about the ten minute ballet scene because I haven't had a single day to rest since rehearsals began. However, my nerves just fueled real emotions and energy through my body which lead to five nearly flawless performances.  I could never get through that dance scene without my amazing partner, Malik.  He's my height and yet I trust throwing myself into his arms more than I would a man who's 6'5'' and 250lbs. He has the passion and drive for dance, which I see in myself, and he mesmerizes me as much as he does the audience.  Also, Greg Daniels outdid himself with the choreography, especially the boy's rough and tough dance number.  I've had a wonderful time working on this beautiful, moving production, and hope everyone who wants to see it can get or has gotten tickets!  (The photo I’ve included with this entry is of Malik and I at the first dress rehearsal.)