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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

Commercial Shoot

On top of all the craziness with Carousel this past week, three MT friends and I shot a video audition for a commercial that was to be filming in Cleveland on 11/15, after classes and Carousel rehearsal late one night. Two of us ultimately got summoned in for a call back audition and booked the job.  Unfortunately this meant missing part of the day of classes on Wednesday and all my classes on Friday. Now, I have to play catch up, AGAIN, but I needed the money, so it will be worth it. I hope!

I was called to a location in Cleveland at 7:45am on Friday to begin the day of filming. My biggest worry was getting back on campus in plenty of time to be ready for the performance of Carousel at 7:30pm. I was not completely sure of what the day would consist of when I went in for the shoot, and was surprised by the disorganization of the crew.  The first people I dealt with were wardrobe and makeup which were wonderful people from Cleveland, but really had no other connection with the shoot, so they just said have fun and go along with it, so I did!  It turned out to be a well known advertising company that was doing a low-budget project, which explained some of the casualness on set.  I got to shoot in three different locations, the last one being by a lovely beach fire at Edgewater park.  I finished in just enough time to shove our many outfit choices in the car and head straight to the theatre for night number two of Carousel. It was an odd but fun and enlightening experience!