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I'm happiest when...



I have been performing in theatre and ballet productions since I was very young and I am at my happiest when working on a production. This fall, I was cast in my first BW production under the direction of Scott Plate.  We are now several weeks into rehearsals for "Carousel The Musical," one of Rogers and Hammerstein's greatest works. Scott is an inventive kind of director who enjoys An intimate, personal theater experience, so he decided back when he was given the show that he wanted to put it on in "the round" meaning a circular stage completely surrounded by audience. This is a more immersive interactive way of putting on a show especially one that is almost always done in presidium. This causes us to always be aware of our surrounding and that every angle is exposed to the audience at all times, a fun challenge to take on.


 I'm playing Louise, who is the daughter of Billy Bigelow and Julie Jordan, the primary leads of this haunting production. In a week I will start rehearsals with Greg Daniels to choreograph my six minute ballet feature which is basically Louise's lament as a broken hardened young girl who has never known her father, the carousel barker. 

Thus far we've made up to "June is Busting out All Over" the big dance number of the show which is fast paced and full of fun partnering and tricks. Scott has also blocked some of the big scenes and is working with the leads on bringing energy and presence to their performances because this show is completely without audio-enhancement,  meaning no amplifiers, mics, or monitors. YIKES!  I'm more and more impressed by my talented peers every day and can't wait to see how this beautiful production pulls together as a whole.  Hopefully unlike any “Carousel ‘ you've ever seen